Hacker & Security Analyst at HackerOne

Interested in business and information technology (IT) alignment, and particularly involved in the application security industry for over 4 years working as an independent consultant.

Currently working as a Security Analyst at HackerOne helping build a better and secure internet as well as connecting hackers and organizations.

I participate in bug bounty programs in my spare time and was ranked 10th on HackerOne in december 2016. Through my participation, I mainly aim to sharpen my skills and deepen my knowledge in cybersecurity related topics and trending issues. I have been able to help identify security vulnerabilities in numerous high-profile companies such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Sony etc. and received credits for various other security findings in different products and online services.

Areas of interest :

• Cybersecurity
• Information systems consultancy and management
• IT consultancy/advisory
• Digital product management

Speaking engagements:

BSides Belfast

Moroccan Cyber Security Camp (MCSC) – ENSIAS

Software Freedom Day – Faculté Ben M’Sik, Casablanca

In the press:


CNN Arabic


01 Net Magazine (n°881)

France Culture

Security Week